yoof gone bad... well bad !

i don't get to check the flicks as much as i'd like these days, so just recently i've been thrashin my BlockBuster card to catch-up on ' lost ' movies... one film i missed & worth a mention ( if you like ya horror ) is UK flick Eden Lake. i won't spoil anyting but, if you can put up with the first 15-20mins of idyllic puppy love between the 2 main characters ( Kelly Reilly & Michael Fassbender : who escape the city & head out to the wooded countryside for a romantic wk/end ), then you're in for a brutal treat : as a bunch of local delinquent hoodies ( including Thomas Turgoose from This is England & Jack O'Connoll, the new star of E4's Skins ) go all ' Lord of the Flies ' x10 on their asses ! the grizzy realness of dis movie really took me by surprise ( i truely wasn't expecting it to turn out the way it did ) & there's a couple of real gut / bum flappin scenes ( mainly involving torture in the woods ), nevermind the surprising & shockin climax. anywhooo, next time you're in yer local BlockBusters & stuck for a brutal, British, nasty-ass horror flick : choose Eden Lake... just remember : don't go down to the woods today & most definately don't piss off a gang of bored, rural kids with knifes & several screws loose ! Tri-Flicks rating : 3.5 outta 5


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