UK Dunny invasion #1

times tight 2day, so 1 teaser snap from last nite's krazeee UK Dunny / Kidrobot pop-up shop launch party. free beer fueled the fun & it was a corkin' ( if not surreal ) nite out... luc & i were bowled over by the sheer numbers : there was proper Q's and everything ! a massivE thx to all the kind folk how wanted us to sign & draw on things - we hope our booze powered doodles & spider-like signatures were OK !? big shout out to all the UK artists involved, friends + family who made it down, Chad & Nicole from K'Bot & my beautiful girlfriend Max. expect a shed load of photos & a mini-lowdown over the wk/end... in the mean time head on over to Kidrobot for an invasion snap-shot :


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