The elusive twinky

Since I can remember, I have been intrigued by the humble Twinky. For many years, I didn't even know what form they took aside from being foodstuff. Eventually, after watching countless (6) US films or 'movies' as they are known , I pieced together their description, a yellow cake-like thing with creamy stuff inside.
Still desperate to actually experience their (in my head) marvellous taste, my appetite for the Twinky was finally sated last week when Apeman led me to CyberCandy, a little shop in central London selling all manner of US and Far Eastern delights.
Sadly, I still haven't tasted the aforementioned sweet treat cos the one I bought had melted cows in it (beef fat) and I'm a great big veggie. Harumph.
Ah well, the character on the pack was pretty cool, a bit like the Planters Peanut guy. Mmmmm peanuts.
You too can virtually buy food that you are not allowed to eat at or in person at their stores in London and Brighton.


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