World Exclusive : Toys that Suck !

xclusive #1 : 3-MAN by Triclops After mucho teasing, we are proud to at last reveal 3-man in all his glory. Complete with Suckadelic shop spoof promo shot, bootlegging the bootlegger to the max ! xclusive #2 : Lord Ravage by ToysRevil

Head over to toysrevil for our xclusive 3-Man Q&A's with the Toymaster himself, in a tit for tat clop swap, we posed questions to Andy and he kindly provided all the answers. The QA is interspersed with exclusive pics of ToysRevil's piece entitled LORD RAVAGE: Undead Warrior of the Deadlands! Cheers Andy, you rawk... ere's the Q&A's

TRICLOPS: How did the original idea come together ? TOYSREVIL: the Sucklord600's helmet actually reminded me of a doodle i did yonks ago (near a coupla decades back, no less LOL) during a period when I was totally into "mysterious" lone-warrior-type characters (melting pot result of manhua, manga and western comicbooks). And while exploring the form (under a dimlit room light, no less) all I could envision was a quasi monochromatic armor with horns.

It then somehow morphed into a sort of a Viking Warrior (I was reading Thor lol), but gave in to LOTR-vibe as the parts were glued-on. The blood splatter came when I was sketching up the final artwork, to have the red accenting the black/grey/white. TRICLOPS: How long did it take to build & what ' trickery ' did you magic-up to achieve the look ? TOYSREVIL: Loadsa superglue and loose toy parts! Very aptly parts from chopped-up parts from LOTR and McFarlane figures were used. I'm a (1/6th-scale) kitbasher by heart, and have yet to attempt any sculpting in any way shape or form, so piecing together forms is my current modus operandi.And I'd like to create things that folks can literally "play" with, rather than just let sit alone in a display (which is all good too!) ... and I reckon my lack of painting skills and experience helps make the custom-direction and decision much "easier" in more ways than one LOLTruthfully, I have a uber-long gestation period. I'd mull on the concept until the very blardy last minute, and inevitably end up going back to my very first initial concept (most of the time), and by then, I'd be dangerously close to the dateline, and end up whacking out the figure in less than a week-ish LOL.Although for this particular custom, I'd literally hit a snag at the very final moments - when I realized my finished custom did not fit the given dimensions! I hadda chop down the horns to fit the blister-dimensions, which was something I did not enjoy doing (and caused unnecessary delays), as it affects what I'd intended to achieve in the very first place ~ *le-sob* * a word of warning to you kids out there: ALWAYS READ AND RE-READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DIMENSIONS GIVEN, yo!

(Robotboy - We had a similar problem with ours, once we had fitted the cape back on it was a really tight squeeze to get him to fit behind the blister, eeek!)

TRICLOPS: How did you find the time to create whilst working & blogging like a mad man in your ickle flat ?

TOYSREVIL: Where I blog is where I work on my customs. Within a 2' x 1 1/2' space is where the keyboard lies awaiting my daily pounding, and where toys are stripped apart and glued together. Once cannot exist along with the other. So when there are no blog updates for a period of time, most probably the keyboard has been shifted untop my monitor, and the cutting, gluing, painting happens within that small span of time and space - which leaves me very little time to attempt more customs that I'd love to do.

TRICLOPS: What is ' work ' for you... ie : what's your day-job ? TOYSREVIL: I'd like ta say "blogging" is my full-time gig, but it ain't bringing home the bacon in any way, shape or form (ads-free baby!) and remains strictly a "passionate hobby" thus far. So I ply and peddle my trade while earn some coin by lecturing part-time (in Film Production/Art Direction) at a local arts college. Although it takes my time and attention away sporadically from TRE, but it pays the basic bills somewhat and that's the status quo that needs to be balanced for now :pOne fine day soon, I'd really like to blog full-time and maybe make a living out of it ... sounds ridiculous, innit? LOLAny wishful thinking of doing more customs for procurement remain a dream, becoz basically it ain't working out so well (or rather, "at all") LOL.

TRICLOPS: Are you chuffed with the outcome ( looks well tasty to us ! ) and do you think someone will purchase it ?

TOYSREVIL: Thanks for your kindness, guys! Really appreciate it :)As all my project are (however pathetically few they may be), I'd be brimming with pride when the item is completed and when I'm snapping pics for prosperity ... but as soon as I see other luminaries kicking ass with their work, I feel the soreness in me rump, my latent inferiority kicks-in and I haveta tell myself to work harder next time. I'd love to do more customs, to build up experience and confidence, but space and time denies me this luxury.

As much as I hope some kind soul would like my work enough to drop some coin on them, realistically and practically (given the current world economic climate, and my lack of skill in this arena), I'd be happy if my work can speak to some folks, or given give ya a smile while looking at it - and with that, perhaps I too can find my own "voice" in this toy-endeavour :)


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