Tri-Chocs choc of the week!

The joy of moving Triclops HQ back into London (if it ever actually happens) will be marred only slightly by the loss of our trusty local newsagents. Currently the only known stockist of this little beauty, Terry's Caramel Bite. 2 weird logs containing unidentifiable textured confections including toffee, miscellaneous crunchy stuff and 'bits' all engulfed in chocolate. Keeps you coming back for more in the vain hope that you will work out what it is made of. 4 chocolate stars because you get 2 logs. Insert your own punchline here.


BigHatDino said…
I think they're only availably in newsagents as I found it a couple of years back in a weird newsagent/sweetshop hybrid in Ipswich, and have only found it in a couple of newsagents in London so far. They are very, very tasty, and although they're not quite Lion bar good, they're definitely my second choice of crispy chocolate snack :)

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