Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show...

we've been kindly invited ( big thx John @ Osaka Popstar & Lev @ Toy Tokyo ) to do a custom Devil Dog for the up&coming NYC Osaka Popstar Art Show in October... artist confirmed so far include the insanely talented Brian Flynn (Super 7), Buff Monster, D*Face, Dalek, Erick Scarecrow, Huck Gee, Jim Mahfood (Food One), John Pound (Garbage Pail Kids), Larry Hama (GI Joe creator), Mad Barbarians, Nathan Jurevicius, Ron English, Secret Base (Hiddy), Seen (Graffiti legend), Shepard Fairey (Obey/Giant) and many many more... half the money raised on the nite ( you can buy the customs folks ! ) will go to Animal Rescue : talking customs... coming soon sneaky sneaks of our Sucklord 600 bootleg we're currently creating for the Super Sucklord himself & his up&coming LA show !


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