Window shopping

We met Nick Mannion of Supermodified Studios in London for a natter a few days back but I have only just managed to figure out how to upload piccies from my new phone so here are some shots of window displays to be gawped at in town at the moment.

Firstly, Nike Town provides this cracker from James Jarvis. Apeman took some sneaky shots inside of Mr Jarvis' luverly prints too, stay tuned for those.

Then, as I tootled past Selfridges on a double decker (the bus not the confectionery) I noticed a proliferation of Mod1s in the window. Here they can be seen ambushing 2 unsuspecting Qees with a Nightmare Before Christmas style distraction....

Here's a shot of the whole window (bit crappy though due to reflections)..

And finally, RobotFest in one of the other windows. Selfridges have a Concept Store at the moment selling toys and whatnot but I got lost in the bowels of the basement and couldn't find it. I later learnt that this is because it's situated on the ground floor.


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