home sweet home !

i've recently been back home to help my folks clear the garage : they're moving... ere's a few of my dusty, dynamite discoveries :
highlights include a Mr T pencil top figure, the WWF's Nasty Boys + Ultimate Warrior figs, a wind-up walking ET, original Snaggletooth, TMNT Scum Bug fig, Madball's Skull Face, a California Raisins fig & a mini army of M.U.S.C.L.E figs ! i also found dis Earthworm Jim drawing i did when i was at secondary school. Earthworm Jim was one of my favourite characters growing up... i'm not sure what age i was when i did dis, maybe 12-13 ? dammm, i wish i could draw like that now !


Clutter Nick said…
is that a nottingham forest badge in the background??
TriclopsApeman said…
well spotted sir... no idea why tho, i'm a leicester city boy : then again @ 12-13yrs old i fink i was supportin' everton !?
TheOrgg said…
There's a collector's market out there for MUSCLE figs. I think they go four for a pound (I noticed you're in the UK). The same collectors will want the green garbage can, too.

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