Oh I do love to be beside the Heathside

The best ever Triclops Star spot took place this very weekend. Indulging in yet another Rufus Wainwright gig, this time at Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath, we were blessed by the company not only of Clive Owen and family (no pics from me cos I wasn't all that interested, plus he had the audacity to leave before Rufus had finished!) then, (sound the fanfares) Helena Bonham Carter and yes, I scouted around immediately and found non other than Sir Very Tim of Burton!!! (3 exclamation marks very well deserved for one of my all time heroes).
Obviously for such an important, once in a lifetime occasion I had not brought my camera so had to take pics on 'CrappySnap' my far from trusty phone camera. So for what they are worth, and I'm not exactly expecting a rush of offers from the tabloids, here are the photos to prove my tale. Triclops' work output is expected to be very low this week after such a rush of excitement.
Helena Bonham Carter wandered around with gay abandon (a bit like Rufus really).
Honestly, that black blob is the back of Tim Burton's head. If you click on the picture to see the enlarged view, it's still impossible to tell.


Mulk has the same problem but I have no affiliation to the original films, where I grew up everyone looks like monkeys.

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