SpeakerDog : Series 5 release

the supa kool paper toy that is SpeakerDog has just released series 5 ! there's a shed load of talented artists involved in this release . . . Ben the Illustrator, Ciah Ciah, Django, Doktor A, Fubear, Hellofreaks, Jared J3Concepts, Junkyard Sam, NiceBunny, Phil Toys, Sneaky Raccoon, Stephen Chan, Tadan, Tim Robot, VectorBrigade and little old us :

we've been teasin you for a while with sneaks but, now we can officially drop our design . . . introducing the SpeakerDog Bucket Head. basically it's one for you sweet tooth's out there : like us ! it's the ultimate work desk accessories - simply download the template, paste onto card (for extra strength), construct and fill with sweets . . . we recommend the sweets of champions : Haribo but, you can choose whatever you want :) like we said there's plenty of peepz involved in this release, here's a few of our fav's - Dok A, Sneaky Raccoon, Phil Toys & Nice Bunny : so head on over to http://www.bentheillustrator.com/series05.html and start downloadin now ! oh yeah and as well as Series 5 Ben & Fi have been busy-as putting together the finishing touches to a lush exhibition @ CafePause in Tokyo. together they will be hosting an exclusive show (17th - 23rd March) where every single SpeakerDog paper toy series 1-5 will be on display. massivE shout outs to Ben & Fi @ SpeakerDog for letting us get involved . . . plus, gud friend ToysRevil for the Clops exclusive : http://toysrevil.blogspot.com/2008/02/buckethead-speakerdog-paper-toy-by.html


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