Xmas #2

you might have made it through my ' all time ' favourite Halloween flickz, well now it's tha turn of my ' all time ' favourite ( slobbin' in front of the telly with the family ! ) Xmas movies . . . in at No3) Raiders of the Lost Ark, No2) Gremilns & paint pot smashin' it's way to No1) Home Alone ! and as most tings @ Clops HQ start with monsters . . . ere's my No1 all time favourite Xmas slasher flick : Silent Night Deadly Night. the film was one of the most controversial films of the 80's - basically a young boy watches his parents get killed by a thief in a Santa suit. he spends his youth in an orphanage, staying quietly to his self but, his mind is further bent by an ironhanded Mother Superior ! he ends up gettin a job at a local store, where he finally snaps when asked to wear a Santa suit for Xmas & goes on a killin' spree that leads him slowly back to the orphanage . . . nicE :)


Kenn Munk said…
No "Die Hard"?
TriclopsApeman said…
what ya talkin' about Willis ?!

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