Troopington Bear

After many hours of poking my robot fingers with a needle and thread, at last our 3inch Teddy Trooper is finished. Entitled 'Teddington Bear' it's our homage to classic Paddington bear which we fondly remember from our Cloppy childhood. Complete with a teensy cardboard suitcase, milliput marmalade sandwich and 'Please look after this bear' label. This piece and many others will be on display at Bodhi gallery from tomorrow, if you're shopping for bagels or ripped off Banksy prints in Shoreditch head over and check it out . . . more images ( and a sneaky peak @ Clutter's custom ) over at mr. Evil's blog :


toysrevil said…
by the toy-gawds he is goshdarned adorable! kudos gents :)

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