Limited Edition

we mentioned this a while back . . . Limited Edition is a UK based Exhibition organised to raise money in aid of the endangered species around the globe ! the idea started on the forums, where a few members decided to start an exhibition for charity, and soon tons of artists from all different backgrounds were on board ( including us ) and things began to roll. Limited edition is not just about raising money though, money can only go so far - it's also about raising awareness of not only how endangered some of these creatures are but, also how important they are to the world's ecostructure. the show will run for 2 weeks starting in March 2008 from the 14th to the 30th . . . hosted at ' Go Go Plastic ' the brand nu vinyl toy store and gallery inside The Custard Factory, Birmingham UK. we'll keep ya updated as the show builds, plus share sneaks of our build - the ' submission ' can be whatever we like : 2D, 3D it's up to us !? a full artist list can be found HERE and more news and info on the show 'ere :


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