Props to Grind King for daring to be different, they have an artist series of skate trucks coming out this season. Special opening bash will be at Meltdown Comics in LA on Saturday 24th of November from 6 - 10pm. Live painting and all that malarkey will ensue and all trucks will be for sale along with other bits and bobs by the artists involved which include Uncle Sket, Mike Kershnar, Mildred, Justin Barry, Denny Smyth, Jesse LeDoux, Jason Maloney, Mike Maxwell, Josh Taylor, Matt Dobson, Downtimer, Nico Berry, Deli, Tacqua, Sean Chilson, Griffin One, Dumperfoo (prize for the best name), Analog Memory, Nelson Keene and Zoso.
I'm no expert but don't trucks tend to get into scrapes? Grinding and other such technical terms apply, will the paint hold out? Will you just mount the artist series trucks on your wall along with the artist series decks because you can't skate anyway? The decision is yours.


The BluntClub said…
Prize for best name, whoo hoo what did i win!! lol... Thanks for posting the Truxtapoz article - Cheers Dumperfoo
Erm, sadly nothing apart from seeing your name up in lights (well, at least on screen!)but congrats all the same :)

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