Get Stuffed

With the wealth of custom shows around, some people are getting really creative with the brief. Sarah at DKE has curated the 'Stuffed' show at Munky King featuring plush foodstuffs from an international line-up including 12PUNT3 (Netherlands), Anna Chambers, Bytedust (Netherlands), Crystal Chesney-Thompson, Cutesypoo (Canada), Dan Goodsell, Dog Bone Art, Erick Scarecrow, Funfun, Heidi Kenney, I Heart Guts, Jelene Morris, Kate Sutton (UK), Kenta Shibusawa (Japan), Kika (Switzerland), Lazysmash, Marion Hawkes (Ireland), Michelle Valigura, Miskellaneous (UK), Nick the Ring, olive47, Pachy Sarmiento, Planet Tokki, Reneé Lawter, Shane Geil, Serena Kuhl (Australia), Shawnimals, Snaggs, Spök-spök (Sweden), Steff Bomb and T&A. As well as other original art by: Amanda Visell, Blinky, Fawn Gehweiler, Kii Arens, Lou Pimentel, Luke Chueh.
We're big fans of cereal box art here at Clops Towers so these pieces from Snaggs are firm favourites, looks like a lot of time has gone into the works so if you live near wherever Munky King is (Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles) go and check it out. Sell by date is 2nd December.


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