Clutter Is$ue 11

soon 2 hit a store near you : Clutter Issue 11 . . . fu#kin' tasty cover art ( wrap around we fink ? ) from man of da moment : mr ashley wood, plus a rather amuzin' SDCC report from us . . . so that's 2 reasons to buy a copy ! o'yeah rumblin's from Clutter HQ suggest that FINALLY the AM4040 ( Action Man Custom Show ) special edition will hopefully see the light of day soon . . . stand easy soldier !


Kenn Munk said…
Clutter 11 should also include mr. Munk's amazing Berlin report - unless it's been binned for lack of amazingness.
Surely anything by Mr Munk would be high up on the amazingness scale, will keep fingers and eyes crossed for you :)

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