Toys are DVD magic

One of our purchases in sunny San Diego was a DVD aptly entitled 'Toys Are Us.' Having watched said documentary, I can't recommend it highly enough. As luck would have it we were approached at San Diego Airport by the guy responsible, Mr Brian Stillman. A couple of emails later and I'll let Mr. S guide you through the process....
" I was in grad school last year for broadcast and documentary work, and to graduate, we had to shoot a short documentary for our thesis. I was familiar with the designer toy scene -- had some friends who were collectors and artists. I also spent a lot of time in Toy Tokyo here in New York, and I'd begun picking up some pieces here and there, and I realized that the scene was severely underreported, so I decided it'd be a worthwhile project. Even though it started as a thesis, I knew from the beginning that I'd be expanding it and releasing it on DVD to the general public. So far it's worked out pretty well -- people seem to like it, and it'll be featured in the E.Vil. City Film Festival here in NYC on October 3-8. (plug plugplug... ha ha...)"
The film itself is around 30 minutes long and gives a nice introduction to the genesis of the contemporary designer scene. Big players including Patrick Ma, Mark Nagata, Frank Kozik (plus his impressive toy collection), and Tara Macpherson have contributed and lengthy interviews with several of the contributers are included as extras. Interviews are cut with footage from last year's Comic Con and more interviews with dedicated collectors, no excuses not to add this one to the collection, a must have!


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