Kennect-the-dots !

my oh my . . . ya got check out Kenn Munk's latest madcap competition. he says " my body is covered in so many moles that i'm half dalmatian and i once convinced a girl that my grandfather was black, but that the skin types in my family didn't mix well. i might as well get some fun from my pigmentation so i give you the Kennect-the-dots competition with the grand prize: a pair of undies, y-fronts, pants, brief or whatever - handprinted "dead end" design across the cheeks on lovely American Apparel Boy briefs in a boy version and a girl version. " get over to to download the pdf and enter . . . it's worth it just to see Kenn's he-man like body ;]


Kenn Munk said…
the secret scheme is to just get as many girls to wear boy briefs as possible - why do they always look hot in our clothes?

granted, this may not be the best way to go about it...

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