D.I.Y Qee Project : Bart

project intro . . . " the D.I.Y. Qee Project : BART ( presented by TOY2R and Diamond Comics ) has assembled a virtual who’s who list of today’s hottest pop culture artists, designers and illustrators from around the world. each artist will paint, sculpt, and customize their own unique re-interputation of the iconic character, Bart Simpson, using as a blank canvas the 10” D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Blank Platform Qee Figure. many of these artists have either grown up watching The Simpsons or inspired by its creativity, humor or sardonic look at life. to bring these original creations to the fans, TOY2R and Diamond Comics are launching a worldwide art gallery tour stopping at respected galleries and art boutiques. this tour will feature several of the custom creations, many available for auction to the public. " the images attached are from the 1st leg of the tour : Taipei Toy Fair . . . the nxt leg is SDCC - where we'll be there in the flesh ! thx 2 Raymond for the snapz & lettin us get involved in this lush project.
ToysRevil is goin 2 b doin a seperate blog focusin on the Qee Bart Project : with interviews with all the artists ( includin us ! ), exclusive snapz & more tour newz . . . we'll post the link when it's live ! huge shout out 2 all the other artist involved - there's some tasty customs in dis show :]


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