Clops on tour

Yeah, like the Apeman said, we are off to Sunny Sandy for the Comic Con. I'm in a bit of a flap, haven't so much as packed the Game Boys yet and still don't know the American for 'please' and 'thankyou', will just have to rely on pigeon english. Might not get to post whilst we're away, laptops take up valuable toy space so we'll be travelling light on the way out and probably very heavy on the way back (not least because of all the burritos we'll be consuming out there)..... Flickr will record events when we get back, plus a special report will be gracing the pages of Clutter magazine (thanks to Mazzle for securing us Press passes), adieu!


toysrevil said…
mondo-envy! have a great time gents and i'll be staking out your flickr for pilferages :)))))

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