Mountain Dew drops

Thanks to Tweeqim's newsletter, we're well up for this competition from Mountain Dew (not least because there's a prize of $10,000 up for grabs). The site is worth checking out for the pretty pictures alone.... Tweeqim have really outdone themselves with their absolutely incredible design and you can see a mini video of have it was conjured up at
You have until 30th June to draw and colour in and upload and cross your fingers, "Your challenge in the green label art design contest is to develop a Mountain Dew bottle design that answers the question "What's fuelling your core?"Flex your creative skills and bring to life the passion that drives you."
Thanks to our new chum, Sneaky Raccoon for pointing out that the comp is only open to US residents. Bah and harumph.


Kenn Munk said…
I think the thing with these things is just to enter anyway.
Yeah, Mr. Willmott (is it double 'L'?) has set the standard very high on this one, might give it a crack, time and weather permitting (i.e. if it's sunny I'll be out on the deck with a beer instead)
THUY3 said…
go get em, boys!

Julia said…
I have a design called "dewbubbles" and would really appreciate some votes. Thanks!

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