Good Juju from Muju

Me and the Monkeyman went along to the Bodhi gallery on Brick Lane last night and checked out the lovely Muju-made cuddly toys (which I believe are known as 'Plush' in the modern age) which the mixed bunch of artistes built and crafted with their own fair hands for the Plus Plush show. There were some stonkers on show, in a manner of speaking and as always in these matters, you can check the rest of our photos on Flickr.
As a talented cameraman (for a robot) I managed not to photograph my favourite piece but you'll all just have to visit the show yourself to see the rest of the exhibits. Apeman couldn't resist buying the skull print which accompanied the supercool Voodoo stylee piece with glowing eyes, nice nice. Props to Mr Sichi and chums for a cracking little show and a venue ideally placed for the purchase of bagels.


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