Spiderman Vs Spidermulk !

now i'm a huge Spidey fan / geek, so i ( along with RobotBoy, FuzzBall & my MJ ! ) was one of the first in line when the movie open 'ere in the UK. films 1 & 2 are brillant - i love 'em, however i was so disappointed with the 3rd . . . the hype just didn't come through in the movie. Sandman is the best ting in it : Venom is lame, so too is the story line ! the special effects are amazing, especially the opening fight between Spidey & the nu Goblin. watch out for the very funny Bruce Campbell camo & the Saturday Night Fever stroll down the streets of NY is a belly tickler too. however, check it out 4 yaself . . . pea's & loaf


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