show time !

busy nite for the Clops last nite - first we checked gud friend Emilie Sandy's show : DeJa Vu @ the Blink Gallery on Poland Street ( where we hosted the AM40:40 show ! ). DeJa Vu revisits iconic photographs but with a refreshing contempory twist .Emilie's work is lush, so if you're near central London, go check it out - it's free ! I second that emotion, Emilie has photographed the photographers of iconic photos (bit of a mouthful) and displays her interpretations next to the originals,! Rboy

then on to East London & the Bodhi cafe / gallery for the Henbo Exhibition. The Henbo collective is formed of Tortoy’s Hector and Lya, Hidenobu Toyoda and Sichi ( Vinyl Abuse / Hand on Fire ). the prints on display were very tasty - top work, so again well worth checkin out if you around Brick Lane ! Shout out to Sichi 4 the invite & the free beer . . . the cult of Buka is comin !


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