The nature of the beast

Ooooh, it's all very exciting here at Triclops central. The nature of the beast is changing. At the end of April, just a few short weeks away, Apeman and Robotboy will fly free from Hasbro where they have been gainfully employed for some years (we forget quite how many) to begin Triclops Studio Limited. An actual company no less! Focussing on Design Consultancy, Triclops Studio will be churning out design for lots of other people with a view to one day soon, being able to afford to produce some toys of their own. Old faithful, will continue to showcase customs by the 3 original Triclopsians, Apeman, Tattooman and Robotboy. Hopefully it won't be too confusing. Stay tuned dear viewers, a great big flashy new website is on it's way. More info to follow........


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