Death Note.......From Manga to Live Action


The human whose name is written in this note shall die...

死神流克在人類世界丟下這一本筆記「Death Note」。從此之後,兩位被選中的人「夜神月」和「L」便展開壯烈的戰鬥! 這是一個前所未有的恐怖與懸疑的故事!

《死亡筆記》在「少年JUMP」連載3年,不單是部心理懸疑漫畫作品,更是日本最具爭議性的話題漫畫,連載結束於2006年5月,總共連載108回;連載的單行本全套共12冊,單是日本銷量已突破1500萬冊,且在海外各國翻譯成不同語言版本暢銷全球。《死亡筆記》單行本第一集在日本出版便引起哄動,初版一百萬本火速斷市,成為日本漫畫史上銷書最速的漫畫刊物。 在死神界百無聊賴的死神「流克」(中村獅童聲演)因為貪玩好奇,在人類世界丟下一本「死亡筆記」,只要在筆記裡被寫上名字的人類便會死去,這筆記由高材生夜神月拾獲,為了創造自己心目中的理想新世界,夜神月自封為「奇拿」,企圖以筆記殺盡所有逃過法律制裁的罪犯,同時亦將所有阻礙他大計的人都全部幹掉。「奇拿」的出現甚至令聯邦密探也束手無策,逼使國際刑事警察組織出動最後武器,身份神秘的最強偵探「L」(松山研一飾)出動以克制「奇拿」,夜神月及L觸發幕幕鬥智鬥力的追捕戰!而另一邊廂擁護「奇拿」的人類亦開始成群結集,準備將「奇拿」捧為新世紀的神,而 死神「流克」看著人類殺人遊戲而自得其樂之時,第二本「死亡筆記」亦在人間出現...

電影版前篇將忠於漫畫原著首集揭開序幕,故事由死神流克落入凡間開始,當中劇情包括漫畫最經典的「巴士騎劫」事件及「奇拿」與FBI探員Raye (細川茂樹飾)在地鐵內生死決鬥。電影版亦加強南空直美(瀨戶朝香飾)的戲份,增多了她為未婚夫報復之情節,亦會加入電影版全新角色「秋野詩織」(香椎由宇飾),作為夜神月青梅竹馬的女朋友,令觀眾從多一層面,了解夜神月的內心世界。

Popular manga series Death Note first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump in December 2003. With its anti-hero protagonist, dark psychological themes, innovative premise, and unpredictable plot twists, Death Note was an instant hit, amassing an avid readership in its three years of serialization. It was later published in a 12-volume set in multiple languages, selling 18 million copies worldwide.

In summer 2006, the film version of Death Note, starring Fujiwara Tatsuya and Matsuyama Kenichi became a blockbuster success throughout Asia. Death god Ryuk has attracted much attention in the film. Nakamura Shidou's (Be with You) voice convincingly attributes a personality to this CG-generated character. Ryuk leaves his killing weapon, the Death Note, in the mortal world, just to see what will happen. As the instructions within the notebook clearly state, the human whose name is written in the notebook dies. Bright and restless student Light (Fujiwara Tatsuya) picks up the notebook, and soon realizes the power that has been bestowed upon him. He adopts the name Kira (Killer) and sets about ridding the world of criminals. His callous renegade justice, however, is not tolerated by the authorities. Faced with so many unexplained deaths, the police enlist the assistance of the young genius L, whose eccentricity is aptly portrayed by Matsuyama Kenichi. And so begins a dangerous battle of wits between the mysterious L and the increasingly calculating Light.......


Props to Tattooman for the review, I'm no expert but even I'm hooked on the Deathnote series of manga. The Death God is such a cool character. Track it down and spread the good word!

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