Extra terminate

More info straight from the horse's mouth (not to suggest that Steve is a horse); "Just to let you know that we will be previewing the "Dalek-Glifix" range at the forthcoming NY Toy Fair. Depending on the response, we will move forward with it upon our return. We are situated at the Javits Centre in the Urban Bazaar isle - Booth: 5737 If around, please swing by and say hi. Steve Walker Product Enterprise Ltd www.productenterprise.com" So if you're off to the Toy Fair, make sure you big up the idea of custom daleks and they may be on shelf near you soon, hoorah!


toysrevil said…
dudes! check out VinylAbuse for da "actual" prototype images! *schweet* ;)
Coo, yeah, they look fantastic. I hope all goes well and they go into production, hoorah!

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