Cloppy Katz !

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . " new ' Urban Vinyl-style ' collecting and game play for kids and adults alike ! Mattel has entered the foray of urban vinyl with a new line of collector and child-friendly characters called Funkeys ! "
" Utilizing game play and collectible vinyl toys, Funkeys is based in a computer and online world in which fans can purchase the Funkey Hub (which includes a large Funkey figure hub, a CD-rom CD and two Funkey characters) and "plug in" to the funky gaming world in which players must utilize unique, individual Funkey characters in order to beat different games and areas and then add accessories, prizes, and items to their online ' cribs '. The series currently has 42 unique ( my arse ! ! ! ) Funkey characters available including a variety of common, rare, and ultra-rare game pieces/figures ! "
Triclops had nothing to do with this.


Neither did Tado but their Panda has been blatantly borrowed ney ripped off by the Barbiechuggers, ooh sounds painful
toysrevil said…
Kenn Munk said…
Sorry to be that guy, but: Actually the shape looks like an all right platform.

Off course I hate them for being arses.

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