Stuck Fast 2

Here's the sequel, Roboclops, graphics inspired by 50s/60s? movie poster for Reptilicus. Robot is a mish mash hybrid of the baddie from Tetsujin and the Iron Giant plus a healthy dollop of my default robot design. The Stikfas kit it's based on is real quality though, track one down if you can, very pleasing.


toysrevil said…
ya know im so rippi' ... eerrr ... i mean "utilizing" these images for me blog! but only if tis cool wif you guys, yeh? :)))
That would be an honour Mr Evil, feel free to rip us off at any time hehe :>
TriclopsApeman said…
thx 4 the kind wordz Mr. Evil : chuffed ya like our customs & like RB says rip away ! peace
toysrevil said…
mighty gratitious of you guys! and the deed is done muahahahaha and im gonna haveta be looking out for more goodies from you guys >:)


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