Munny shoots

To add to the profound Mr Apeman's comments, we have it on good authority that even if you haven't got round to registering an entry for the Munny Shot show and fear that by now you have missed the boat to Bristol, fear not brave warriors, you can turn up with your proud erection in hand (by which I mean your custom munny obviously) and register there and then. So no excuses, colour in that forlorn looking blank you've had gathering dust since Christmas and come to Bristol on the 4th of March. Come for the Munny Show, stay for the chance of a glimpse of Justin Lee Collins (or Lion-O as we like to call him) in his home town. Or just come for the Munny Show.


Kenn Munk said…
That was the lamest excuse to say "erection" in the world.

No, wait - the second lamest.
Yeah, your excuse to say "erection" was far worse than my excuse to say "erection". Trumped you with a 2 for 1 deal there. Does "trumped" count as rude?
Kenn Munk said…
only if you say "Donald" first.

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