In the Live and Let Die spirit of our website, I'm updating parts of it today (mainly the Top 5s) and you'll hopefully find that the gobbledygook 'News' section is no longer. That's because Blogging is the new Newsreading so we're hoping to keep you informed of our latest pursuits on here. This would be a lot easier if the teething troubles widely blamed on Google's new Beta version of Blogger (whatever that means) were fixed and we could post images on the Blog but for the time being you'd be well advised to keep the down arrow handy on your keyboard and scroll to the bottom of here to see if you've missed any juicey pics. At the moment, the only way is down if we want to add images. Kinda crazy but it will keep you fit I suppose. Apeman is off to the Us of A on Sunday for 3 whole weeks and if they let him out of his cage long enough, he's promised to head for downtown New York so expect some kind of reporty thing from him at some stage. Or watch the news for 'Giant Ape eats the Big Apple' themed items.


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