'ello Apeman 'ere . . . b4 i start ' bloggin ' i'd just like to drop a shout out to RobotBoy for gettin down with the kidz and sortin out our very own blog ! those that know me, know that i'm not the best when it comes to Emails, forums etc but, i'm gonna try my hardest to keep up with RobotBoy & stuffed dis blog with kool Clops newz ! Jasper Stank . . . urban vinyl goes rural ! fingers crossed the toy is gonna drop just in time for Xmas but, for a sneaky peek into Jasper's stinky world & mind check the website from the 1st of Dec : www.jasperstank.com Triclops x Shin Tanaka . . . Shin's paper skillz are awesome : we're big fans of his work; so how chuffed were we when we heard one of our designs had been picked for his Spiky Baby Series 5 collection ! chuffin chuffed, that's how chuffed . . . massive shout out to Shin : top fella ! Street Stix . . . i've been doin a lot of stickaz lately : so keep yer eyes peeled ! i've been carefully selectin tasty spots around London & Berlin - my current fav is Skull Jaw ! photo @ : www.flickr.com/photos/10919589@N00/297974070/ peas & loaf


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