AM4040 Military coup!

Masseev thanks go out today to our Special Officer Tattooman who managed to break through the maximum security defences and get word directly to Michael Lau (in a roundabout way). Thanks to him, we now have in our possession answers to the Action Man 4040 interview questions from the man himself. This represents one of the final pieces in the 1000 piece jigsaw that has become of the Bumper Issue of CLutter magazine which will feature exclusive interviews with the artists involved and photos of their awesome custom Action Man figs from the critically acclaimed exhibition we held earlier in the year to celebrate 40 years of Action Man. Get your pre-order in now if you haven't already at: Your patience is appreciated with this one, it's gonna be well worth the wait!


Kenn Munk said…
yay! looking forward to this. How're things stateside, Apeman?
Howdy there Mr Munk. Thought I'd better reply so as not to leave you hanging too long. There's still no sightings of the giant Apeman from NYC and no word from the Monkeyman himself. I can only assume he has been forced to join a circus and perform for his bananas...

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